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CAT SHOW by Platinum Coast Cat Fanciers, Inc

Platinum Coast PSA

Seminar Facilitator:

Suzanne Fisher

Length: 2 hours

This powerful seminar utilizes interactive participant demonstrations, guided exercises, and lecture to teach people the basics of animal communication such as how to listen to animals and how to communicate with them. By the end of the seminar participants who are open to the techniques taught during the seminar will be able to go home and begin communicating with their own pets.

With over 20 years of experience in all facets of training design, development and presentation, Suzanne Fisher is a dynamic Training Facilitator with highly effective training skills and methods.  Her educational background allows her to draw from many areas in her presentations. 

In 1989, Suzanne coordinated, produced and hosted a live, call-in, television talk show called"Workplace Forum" which addressed tough issues relevant to today's work place. Suzanne has also designed, written, developed and produced video and audio training programs that pioneered in using humor as a training vehicle to convey serious information. 

Her Lifeskills Workshop, which is designed to help participants enhance self esteem, deal successfully with anger and shame, come to know their true selves, discover their innate creativity, and access their God within was offered state wide in Virginia for the general public and in male and female correctional facilities for former substance abusers. 

Her husband, Chuck Fisher, also a dynamic training facilitator, co-facilitated the general public workshops. These workshops have been described by participants as the turning point in their recovery, their guide for staying clean and sober, and the beginning of their connection with God and their learning to love themselves. 

The Basics of Animal Communication is a new offering for Suzanne. An animal communicator for over 20 years, she has much to offer seminar participants. Her first major experience with animal communication happened over 20 years ago at the State Fair in Richmond, VA. Suzanne and Chuck were touring the Chicken Barn at the fair, walking down a row of chickens in cages, when one of the chickens spoke to Suzanne. 

 Suzanne stopped, looked at the chicken, looked at Chuck and told him, “You’d better reserve a room for me at Eastern State Mental Hospital because that chicken just talked to me.” Chuck (who is also an Animal Communicator) suggested she see if any of the other chickens would talk with her. One of the chickens got so angry with her attempts at conversation that he turned his tail feathers to her.

Suzanne and Chuck offer their skills at no charge to exhibitors at the cat shows where they are vendors.

I. Establish participants’ goals for seminar

II. Interactive demonstration of the things that interfere with our being able to hear when animals communicate with us

III. Discussion on how to overcome the things that interfere with our being able to hear when animals communicate with us (with handouts)

IV. Interactive exercise on how to disconnect from what we think animals are saying to us and how to connect with the part of us that allows us to hear what animals are actuallysaying to us.

V. Practice on animal volunteers.

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