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DATE: 07/11/2011                                                              Charlene Campbell, 239-810-3424



CFA Club, PLATINUM COAST CAT FANCIERS, INC. announce the exhibition of CFA’s NEWEST and RAREST breed at their upcoming CFA All Breed Cat Show!


July 23 & 24, 2011, Araba Shriners Temple, Ft. Myers, FL 33901 – Platinum Coast Cat Fanciers is excited to announce they will have 1 of  only 4 Chinese Li Hau’s in the United States on Exhibit at the Annual  CFA  All  Breed  Cat Show.


In addition to over 150 beautiful cats representing 42 CFA recognized breeds competing in Champion Status, PLATINUM COAST CAT FANCIERS will have JIA JI SAN HU OF LOW COUNTRY, a Chinese Li Hau, on exhibit at the Show at the Araba Shriners Temple, Ft. Myers, FL 33901.



The Dragon Li, also is known as Li Hau Mau, is a Chinese cat breed originating from nascent Chinese folklore and dynastic culture.  The name Dragon Li has been utilized internationally to reflect the symbolic nature of China relevant to

the mythical Chinese dragon.   This breed was recognized by CFA in February

2011, and is shown in the Miscellaneous Class.  To date 4 Li Hau’s have come

to America.  CFA’s youngest Li Hau in America “Sam” will be on display to the public at the July 23 & 24, 2011, Araba Shriners Temple, 2010 Hanson Street, Ft. Myers, FL 33901.


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